Every Interaction Matters

Food Courses & Catering

Flour & Oil courses are interactive cooking experiences, that are as unique as they are authentic, with a main focus on North Indian Cuisine. 

Our catering offers guests a curated range of delicious dishes. We pride ourselves in our good quality and explosion of flavours.

Food Courses

It’s about more than just food – Spice up your LIfe!

Friends & Family

This is a sensory feast designed to tantalise your senses and Spice up your Life with spices and wine. Add a bunch of your  best friends, and it all makes the perfect occasion!

Team Building

Using a fun Team Food Workshop, we help teams see what each person instinctively brings. Then, with a little feedback, show how the team can benefit from these skills. 


Our Spice Up Your Marriage food course is designed to allow couples to  rediscover each other, while spicing up your kitchen. You will even get a set of tools to keep on doing so! 


Create your own unforgettable 


Birthdays, staff functions, small weddings, events

Flour & Oil offers a range of vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes, for your special occasions. Create an out of the box experience, with our Put an Indian In Your Cupboard experience!

Try our food by ordering off a unique menu that is put out every week. 


An explosion of flavours

Become your own Mastershef

Try our range of expertly blended mixes to create authentic indian meals right at home! From samoosas and chilli bites, to curries, kormas and butter chickens. We guarantee quality and flavour with every product bought. 

About the Chef

Nicole Neethling is an attorney-turn-chef. Passionate about life, flavours and encouraging people to pursue their passions. 

Being a natural life coach, she uses the Flour & Oil  courses as a platform to inspire and encourage people to reach their dreams, and be what they were created to be.

The story of how Nicole founded Flour & Oil is as personal as it is inspiring. 

What our guests

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